The Why and How of Auditing: A Blog Series about Basics

This series will make you more efficient as you become better informed

Do you audit by forms? Do you struggle with what forms to use—and which ones to leave out? Do you sometimes feel like forms create a maze, and you can’t get out? If yes, you are not alone.

The Why and How of Auditing

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While forms such as risk assessment, audit planning, and audit programs all are necessary, they can cause us to lose our way. To gain clarity, sometimes we need to go back to the basics.

Each year Vince Lombardi held a football up and said, “This is a football.” Then he’d begin teaching fundamentals to the best players on the planet. He knew that to win, his players had to understand blocking, tackling, passing, running.  Understanding the basics brings clarity, and that’s what I’m after in the “The Why and How” of auditing—to remove the fog of following forms. 

The Why and How of Auditing

Here’s an overview of the upcoming posts:

Lucy says to Charlie Brown, “I’ll hold the ball, and you kick,” but as Charlie Brown leans into his launch, Lucy pulls away. You know the result: Charlie Brown, lying on his back. 

Some audit procedures look appealing. They call for you to kick. But they are a waste of effort and energy. They leave you staring into the blue sky. We need to know what is best—and necessary. In the coming weeks, I will provide the bare minimum of what auditors need to do. So, join me in the journey.

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