Why Confirming the Receipt of a Message is Important

Do you ever send a message and not receive one back (though you expected one)? How does it make you feel? Conversely, do you sometimes receive a message acknowledging the receipt of your communication. Feel any different?

Picture courtesy of DollarPhotoClub.com

Picture courtesy of DollarPhotoClub.com

Appropriately responding to messages does two things:

  1. Reduces confusion
  2. Demonstrates respect

Sometimes we don’t acknowledge the receipt of a message because the sender did not request a response. Even without the request, it is a good practice to let the sender know you received the communication, and, if necessary, that you know what to do. Even a short text or email that says, “received your message,” is helpful.

What if you are copied on an email asking that a task be performed? Should you contact the main addressee? To avoid confusion, it is often  wise to contact the other person that received the email to clarify who is going to perform the task. Then let the original sender know who is performing the task and when it will be completed.

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