SSARS 21 – A Video Overview of the Preparation Standard


I recently provided a slide deck overview of the new SSARS 21 Preparation standard. Here’s a video overview. (Sorry, no CPE credit provided, but I hope you find it helpful anyway.)

October 13, 2015, Update to Post

My new book, Preparation of Financial Statements and Compilation Engagement, is available on Click here to see the book: Preparation of Financial Statements & Compilation Engagements.

The book includes sample financial statements using the preparation and compilation options. Sample engagement letters are also included. This book is a quick-reference guide that takes the mystery out of the new standards.

Bluetooth Shoes?

I know Elvis sang about blue suede shoes, but who will croon about bluetooth sneakers?

Wearable technology continues to make strides, now with bluetooth enabled shoes.

Google has glass.

Apple is coming out with iWatch.

And now, according to the Wall Street Journal, “Indian startup Ducere Technologies Pvt. is going to start selling its Bluetooth enabled Lechal shoes for more than $100 a pair in September. The shoes sync up with a smartphone app that uses Google maps and vibrate to tell users when and where to turn to reach their destination.”

The shoes vibrate when you need to turn; for instance, your right shoe will vibrate when you need to turn right. I would think this would be a God-send for the visually impaired.

The Wall Street Journal article went on to say, “While testing the shoes, the company realized its potential for the sighted as well. For example  joggers, mountain bikers or even tourists can plug in their destinations and not have to stop to check their phones as they move because the buzzing in their shoes will let them know when to turn.”

Maybe we can now find our new clients’ offices. Wouldn’t that be interesting, your entire audit team showing up in these red bluetooth shoes. Toto, I’ve got a feeling, we’re not in Kansas any more.

Business Process Software: Bizagi Process Modeler

Have you ever needed business process software but you didn’t want to shell out the big bucks for the purchase? Your reluctance may be based on your expected use of the product. Maybe you need to map only three or four business processes. Consider using Bizagi Process Modeler.

Here’s a look.

If you have an interest in business process mapping, see my brother’s blog post titled: How Process Mapping Saved the Day.

Many CPAs still use a pencil and pad because they are not aware of what they can do with an electronic document. I made this Adobe Acrobat video in 2011, so it’s a little dated, but it demonstrates annotation (marking up) capabilities. The video just scratches the surface, but I thought I would share it anyway. I hope you discover a new trick or two.

The toolbar displays change as Adobe Acrobat updates its software, so your particular version may not look just like what you see in the video. But you will still be able to make these types of annotations, provided you have Acrobat.

By the way, you need the full version (paid version) of Adobe Acrobat to perform many of the annotation features. You can purchase the software from Amazon (Acrobat XI Standard Win [Download]) or at your local office supply store. I have found it to be an invaluable tool.


Could it be that accountants, especially those in leadership, are more productive when they are given greater autonomy? Could it be that the lure of more money is not the answer to greater productivity?

Dan Pink makes the case for intrinsic motivation (an emphasis on mission and values) versus extrinsic motivation (more pay).

While CPAs and accountants should be appropriately compensated, the carrot and stick approach does not work in a world where work decisions are not well defined (such as solving leadership issues or designing accounting systems).