Top 10 CPA Scribo Blog Posts for 2017

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Below are the top ten CPA Scribo blog posts for 2017. Some of these were written in prior years, but here are the top 2017 posts based on social media sharing statistics. Thanks for sharing!

Top 10 CPA Scribo blog posts for 2017 

  1. Audit Documentation: If It’s Not Documented, It’s Not Done
  2. Evernote for CPAs: Developing a Super Power
  3. 25 Ways Fraud Happens
  4. Twenty Mistakes CPAs Make
  5. How Honest People Steal
  6. How $16 Million was Stolen from a Bakery
  7. Seven Deadly Audit Sins
  8. Why Should Auditors Perform Audit Walkthroughs?
  9. How to Lessen Segregation of Duties Problems in Two Easy Steps
  10. The Most Efficient Way to Issue Financial Statements

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