Does your government have hidden fraud? Are there ways you can mend control weaknesses that lead to thefts?

Here is a presentation concerning local government fraud. Though the slides address Georgia frauds, you’ll see practical fraud prevention steps you can take, regardless of where your government is.


ZenFraud – How to Become a Master Thief

Fraudsters think and act in certain ways. I put this presentation together to provide auditors with insight into how white-collar criminals rationalize their actions and carry them out. A successful fraudster will:

  1. Be believable
  2. Have a cause
  3. Develop a plan
  4. Calm his or her conscience
  5. Execute the plan
  6. If caught, settle out of court

Click this link to see the presentation: ZenFraud-How to Become a Master Thief. (Feel free to use the slide deck for internal training in your organization.)

By reviewing these considerations, you’ll have a better understanding into what fraud signs you should look for while auditing a company, government, or nonprofit.