My 10 Most Popular Blog Posts

In the last year, has been visited over 75,000 times. (I never dreamed this would happen.) Thank you!

In light of this milestone, I thought I’d share my top 10 list. So here goes.

Below are the top ten most popular posts (starting with number 10 and working down to number 1).

10. The Power of Story in Teaching CPAs

9. Seven Deadly (Audit) Sins

8. FRF for SMEs – The Lowdown

7. Evernote for CPAs

6. An Auditor’s Cell Phone

5. Five Disbursement Fraud Tests

4. SSARS 21 – The Lowdown

3. Local Government Internal Controls – A List

2. Audit Lessons from a Brain Tumor

and drum-roll………..

1. Simple Compilation Reporting – Tax Basis, Substantially All Disclosures Omitted

Your responses to some of these posts have surprised me. I almost did not post Audit Lessons from a Brain Tumor, thinking no one would be interested. And who would have thought a post about compilation reporting would be number one?

Some of you (like Armando Balbin and Jim Ulvog at have been steady at my side, encouraging me to press on. I appreciate the friendships I have made thus far and look forward to getting to know others of you as we continue on

Click my About page link (if you’d like to know more about my journey as a CPA and what this blog is about). If you have suggestions for making better or if you have ideas for future posts, please share those below. Thanks.

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8 thoughts on “My 10 Most Popular Blog Posts

  1. Hi Charles:

    Keep doing what you are doing. You provide a great service to the CPA community.

    It is amazing what becomes popular and what doesn’t, huh? I’m finding that the ones I thought would grab attention don’t, and my all time most popular posts were no big deal to me. That is one of many things that makes this so fun.


  2. Jim, yes, I find it highly intriguing to see which posts do well (and which tank).

    I added you above as another friend who has encouraged me. I appreciate your support and kindred spirit. Thanks for all you do at God bless.

  3. I read regularly but comment infrequently. I very much hope you keep this going! I wouldn’t complain either if you gave us more of your reflections on the profession.

    • Thanks Eddie. Always good to hear from you down in Florida-land. I will keep your suggestion in mind for future posts.