How to Develop a Project Charter
July 26, 2014

My twin brother, Harry Hall, shares how you can develop a project charter, a key step in project management. So if you are anticipating a key project, such as implementation of new tax software or maybe your firm is going paperless, here’s information to help you along your way.

He offers a free project charter template for your use.

Click the title link above to see the post.

Cyber Attacks: If Not Afraid, You Should Be

This Deloitte video concerning cyber attacks was sent to me by a fellow auditor; click the title above to watch.

I find it chilling, to say the least.

If your organization is not working to fight cyber attacks, it should be.

Watch the video and you will agree.

If you are an auditor, you should consider including recommendations–in your management or control deficiency letter–that the client have their IT systems reviewed for vulnerabilities.