Getting More Done with My Favorite Accountant’s Device

One tool gives more bang for the buck

Accountants use all types of electronic devices and software: Caseware, Excel, scanners, Powerpoint, Adobe Acrobat, monitors, QuickBooks, iPhones—just to name a few. For me, my iPad tops them all.

Accountant's iPad

I purchased my first iPad about five years ago for about $500.  Then, three years ago I bought my second one. Now, having spent hundreds of hours on iPads, I am smitten. 

You may be thinking, “Charles, you’re a CPA. How do you and why do you spend that much time on an iPad? Don’t you primarily use a work computer?” Yes, my work computer is my primary tool. But in terms of enjoyment, my iPad wins hands down. It is in the evenings that I spend most of my time on my iPad.

Ways I Use My iPad

“How do you use it?” you say. Here are few ways:

Convenience and Portability

Mostly, I use my iPad at home, while seated on my couch. I get a great deal done while reclining upon my sofa (as I am now). The portability of the device is its primary benefit. It’s large enough to easily read from and small enough that it’s not too heavy.  

Your Favorite Device

So what’s your favorite tool and how do you use it?

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