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  • Tom Noce, CPA says:

    Hi Charles

    Sounds like we have had a similar path. Started in public accounting in 1980 so 36 years in the profession. CFE in 1992. Half of my revenue comes from writing CPE courses and teaching. I was fortunate enough enough to just get engaged by the AICPA to author some of the new staff training class along with Lyn Graham. I am a sole practitioner in Palm Springs after being with a large local firm for 18 years the last eight of which as a partner. If you ever need someone just to bounce something off of, I’ll be glad to try and help.
    Good luck with the podcast

    • Interesting Tom. You are rare – 50% of your income from CPE courses and teaching. Lyn Graham is one smart guy. I appreciate your offer to assist — kind of you (you may very well hear from me!).