Are You Prepared for the SSARS 21 Compilation Change?

December 31, 2015 will come quickly

SSARS 21 is effective for years ending on or after December 15, 2015. Here are a few posts that will prepare you for the upcoming changes (and they are significant):

SSARS 21 Compilations: What Changed?

The New Compilation Report — SSARS 21

SSARS 21 Preparation of Financial Statements Service to be Included in Some Peer Reviews

Tracking SSARS 21 Preparation of Financial Statement Engagements

Supplementary Information: Compilation and Preparation Engagements (SSARS 21)

SSARS 21 Reports: Preparation, Compilation and Review

SSARS 21: A Video Overview of the Preparation Standard

SSARS 21 – The Lowdown

Slow-Time Idea: Update December 31, 2015 Compilation and Review Report Language

The Most Efficient Way to Issue Financial Statements

Comparisons Compilations and Financial Statement Preparations — SSARS 21

Look for my coming book on Amazon about SSARS 21 Preparation and Compilation Engagements.

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