A List of Online Resources for CPAs

Looking for answers to common questions asked by CPAs?

Here’s a list of online resources that I commonly use:

Picture courtesy of DollarPhotoClub.com

Picture courtesy of DollarPhotoClub.com

Your Online References

What other online resources do you use as a CPA? Leave a comment.

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  • Charles – thanks for putting this all in one place – great resource

  • Charles Hall says:

    Glad to provide Jim. Thanks.

  • Jordan Zoot says:

    Fascinating that AICPA Professional Standards aren’t on the list, and there is NOTHING for tax. I guess this list is for a limited focus attest QC reviewer rather than someone that is responsible for overall practice risk management.

    • Jordan, please see the fourth item for a link to professional ethics (Code of Conduct); is that what you are referring to (“AICPA Professiinal Standards”)? The list is not intended to be comprehensive, just some that came to mind as I put it together. Thanks for your comment.