A CPA’s Office Setup

Your office design can make you more efficient

In this post, I provide an example of a CPA’s Office Setup.

So, what’s the best way for a CPA to set up his or her office?

I am constantly tinkering with how my office is laid out and what is in it. Should I use three computer screens or four? Where should I place my scanner? Do I need a coffee maker in my office (to avoid the long trek to the office kitchen)? What kind of aesthetics do I want?

Here are a few pictures of my office. I share these in the hopes you might find one thing beneficial to you. The most helpful additions–at least for me–have been:

What would you do differently?

photo 1











photo 3

photo 2

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6 thoughts on “A CPA’s Office Setup

  1. I never considered incorporating an ancillary standing desk. What model is it and where did you get it?

    • I use two computers with two monitors for each computer. On one computer, I follow the future markets on real time. Another difference is that I keep at all times Hershey’s Kiss chocolates; however, my wife has imposed some additional use restrictions as she feels that my chocolates internal control procedures are not operating as designed, she feels that there is a weakness in the chocolate internal control. My RE problem is bigger than most other CPAs. My desk is small, the problem is that when I started my office I ordered my desk which was unassembled it, I assembled and it has since then being with me. I have no intention to discard it. I like it, it means something to me. However, I resolved this RE shortage by having a meeting table. Also this does not occur but only occasionally as I do audits and my meetings with clients are usually in their offices.

      • Armando, I need to add the cache of Hersey’s Chocolate; great idea!

        You do get attached to office furniture. Strange, but I’m the same way. You go through a lot sitting (or standing) at your desk.

  2. Christopher, you may want to see this blog post about how sitting harms us (I found it interesting): http://michaelhyatt.com/why-sitting-is-killing-you.html.

    Here is a URL for Standupdesks.com: http://www.standupdesks.com/2n1.shtml

    I recommend you buy one that is mobile (with wheels) and that you can raise and lower.

    I bought my desk from Levenger; the title of the product is “Sit to Stand Rolling Workstation.” Their phone number is 800-544-0880; email is csservice@levenger.com.

    Here’s to your health!