Lessons from Writing Books

Writing is both enjoyable and painful

I’m finishing my second book, Preparation of Financial Statements and Compilation Engagements. (Last year I published my first book, The Little Book to Local Government Fraud Prevention.) 

Here are a few thoughts about writing books:

  • It’s always harder than I think it will be
  • I need the encouragement and patience of a good wife (and thankfully I have one)
  • Estimate the amount of time I think it will take and multiply the estimate by three (that’s just about right)
  • A sense of humor is necessary (to remain sane)
  • I get much more done early in the morning
  • A routine is critical
  • When I think I am done, think again
  • Persistence is key
  • It’s not just what I say, but how I say it
  • Clarity comes from simplicity
  • Creating simplicity is not……simple
  • When I can’t think anymore, I walk my dog (he makes me laugh)
  • When writing comes easy, it’s a joy (and this does happen)

Look for my new book within the next two weeks on Amazon.com. It’s designed to assist CPAs with understanding and implementing SSARS 21. The book has sample financial statements prepared using the preparation of financial statements option and the compilation option.