10 Post-Busy-Season Questions to Lower Next Year’s Stress

Evaluation is best done when thoughts are fresh

So how many 70 hour weeks did you put in this year? More importantly, is there any way to lower your stress next year?

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It is best to do your post-mortem just after busy season while the pain points are fresh in your mind. Consider taking a half day off just to review your most recent tumult. Here are ten questions to ask.

  1. What can I do before the busy season? Anything–and I mean ANYTHING–that can be done before the storm hits will help.
  2. Can I hire temporary help? Can I outsource certain duties?
  3. Do I need to redesign my workflow? Maybe I need to move to a cloud-storage system.
  4. Do I need to purchase new technology (software, computers, scanners, copy machines, monitors)? If my software always runs slow, maybe it’s time to change.
  5. Should I add an extra monitor? Multiple monitors can greatly enhance your efficiency.
  6. Do I need to change my open office days? Some CPAs–especially smaller practices–close their offices on certain days so they can work without interruption.
  7. Should my book of business be leaner? Some clients are demanding. They might bring work in late and require short turn-a-rounds. They might be slow to pay, or they don’t pay at all.
  8. Do I need to replace any staff members? If an employee always works slow or is absent, it may be time to let that person go.
  9. Should I sell a part of my business so I can focus more on the more profitable sections?
  10. Will anything be different next year? You may have a partner or key staff member retiring this year. Now is the time to think about how to replace that team member. Maybe your lease runs out this year. Consider if a new location will be better.

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2 thoughts on “10 Post-Busy-Season Questions to Lower Next Year’s Stress

  1. I often wrestle with the concept of imposing a surcharge for returns brought in after a certain date….Or if all information is not received by a certain date a surcharge is required…..Also requiring the once a year clients where we do the write-up bring in the first 9 months so during tax season we are only dealing with 3 months of activity…..

    • Jim, I think the surcharge is a good idea. That way the client gets to decide–they can bring the information in timely and not pay or bring it in late and pay. It’s their choice. I like the idea of tidying up the books at year-end (and less to do in this first three months of the year).